Get private lines dating to stop calling

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If the prospective customer is not interested in receiving further calls their number is immediately added to the Do Not Call register for the third party provider.Prior to contacting any prospective customers, Insuranceline and our third party providers filter all records against the Government Do Not Call Register.

If our calls come at a time that is inconvenient to you, please advise the representative who can then arrange a more suitable time with you for a call back.

Note, however, the site warns, "Nomorobo is only available on certain Vo IP providers and only in the United States." It isn't yet available for most major cell companies. It then identifies the caller and if it's a robocaller, it hangs up.8.

Block political calls While it's not election season yet, 2016 isn't far away.

Insuranceline currently engages a number of external entities, referred to as third party providers, who contact prospective customers on behalf of Insuranceline.

Our third party providers purchase databases with names and numbers of prospective customers who they contact to introduce to Insuranceline.

"The Federal Trade Commission(FTC) has used its enforcement authority to stop companies that have made billions of auto-dialed calls, but acknowledges that technology has helped significantly increase these calls in recent years.

This technology helps criminals generate calls from anywhere in the world and falsify caller ID technology to cover their steps."It's also important to note that unsolicited, non-emergency robocalls to wireless phones are illegal, period.The BBB says no, you're actually making it worse: "By pressing a number, you are confirming that someone is actually responding to the call, and you will likely receive more of them."This seems like something that maybe would've worked at some point, but scammers have gotten smarter and improved their systems.5.Get on the Do Not Call Registry Sign up for the National Do Not Call Registry.If the prospective customer is interested in receiving further information about Insuranceline products the third party representative will then arrange for the prospective customer’s details to be sent to Insuranceline.An Insuranceline Representative will then contact the prospective customer to discuss our products at this point.It's free, your number is never taken off the list, and it will at least stop law-abiding solicitors. File a complaint If you've been on the Do Not Call Registry for a month or longer and still get calls, file a complaint with the FTC.