Genetic matching dating

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Genetic matching dating

However, the dual inheritance, with biparental presentation together with recombination, renders the interpretation of shared ancestry and phylogenetics more complex and often ambiguous.It should be noted, that when sequence variants anywhere in the genome are disease-predisposing mutations, differences in their frequency among Jewish communities in comparison with non-Jews can contribute to certain health and disease epidemiologic patterns (see *Genetic Diseases in Jews).

While analysis of the genome provides important insights with respect to population history, including Jewish origins and history – for both scientific and ethical reasons, such analysis does not provide an appropriate tool for establishing Jewish or any other religious or ethnic identity at an individual or community level.

Scientifically, the variation in sequence identity among Jews is too broad, and overlaps that of non-Jews sufficiently, so as to negate the concept of unique or characteristic genomic markers for Jews.

Furthermore, Jewish identity is a concept based on tradition, law, culture, and custom, rather than on physical considerations, including sequence.

Of relevance to phylogenetics was the practice of a high level of endogamy, wherein Ashkenazi Jews married within the population subgroup.

The non-Ashkenazi population subgroup is a much more culturally and geographically diverse population.

Thus the Ashkenazi population of Europe, which refers to Jews whose recent ancestry traces to Central and Eastern Europe, is, often regarded as one population subgroup, despite clearly being composed of multiple communities.

This classification has emerged because of shared adherence to similar religious rituals, liturgical style, and the shared use of the Yiddish language, and geographic location in Central and Eastern Europe.These differences among individuals arise from inaccuracies during the process wherein is replicated and transmitted from generation to generation.Furthermore, the pattern of variable sites is not randomly scattered across the 3 billion-nucleotide genome.Attempts to use any biological markers to establish Jewish identity in individuals have been fraught with unwanted and tragic consequences in the past.Therefore, inferences regarding patterns of markers are distributed across all of the various distinct regions of the genome, which in humans consists of 22 pairs of autosomal chromosomes, the sex chromosomes (XX in females and XY in males), and mitochondrial both their male and female offspring.These are the Ashkenazi and non-Ashkenazi groups, which in turn are comprised of numerous different communities.

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