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Such "relationship" stories (K&S) were distinct from homoerotic ones (K/S), but both often removed Kirk and Spock from the Enterprise to avoid science fiction "distractions" like the starship and the Federation. We're arguing over whether or not two fictitious characters are getting their hands in each others' pants.' When asked about whether there was intentional homoerotic content between K/S in the show, and in particular in the episode "Amok Time", Star Trek's writer D. Fontana replied, "In answer to your question, NO — there were no homosexual double-entendres in the script — at least none that were deliberate.In an interview, after revealing that he had cast Shatner as Kirk partly on the basis of his performance as Alexander, Roddenberry talked about fans seeing a possible parallel between Alexander and Hephaistion and Kirk/Spock: Marshak and Culbreath: There's a great deal of writing in the Star Trek movement now which compares the relationship between Alexander and Hephaistion to the relationship between Kirk and Spock -- focusing on the closeness of the friendship, the feeling that they would die for one another -- Roddenberry: Yes, there's certainly some of that, certainly with love overtones. If some viewers chose to read that into the dialogue, etc., that's their point of view, but certainly not ours.

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Camille Bacon-Smith speculates that K/S is a way for women to "openly discuss sexuality in a non-judgmental manner." Kirk and Spock's depiction in K/S zines has been described as "two equal individuals who complement each other", and a key theme has been that they can continue working and still be a couple, their relationship enhancing their ability to perform competently in their jobs.

Eye contact and gestures throughout the series have also been cited as being part of a homoerotic subtext in their relationship.

I was never aware of this 'lovers' rumor, although I have been told that Spock encountered it several times.

As of 1998, most academic studies on slash fiction focused on Kirk/Spock, as Star Trek was by that point one of the longest-lived and most popular subjects of slash fiction, while its mainstream popularity made it one of the most accessible titles for academics and their audience, As the first slash pairing, K/S was created and developed largely independently from the influence of other slash fiction, with most of the conventions of the slash genre seeing their debut first in K/S slash.

For example, in Star Trek: The Motion Picture, Spock realizes that emotions "play an important part in the richness of life".

Kirk/Spock, commonly abbreviated as K/S and referring to James T.

Kirk and Spock from Star Trek, is a pairing popular in slash fiction, possibly the first slash pairing, according to Henry Jenkins, an early slash fiction scholar.

It consisted of a sex scene but was written to not identify its participants nor make both of their sexes clear; Marchant stated in the next issue, however, that they were Kirk and Spock.

Although many early Star Trek fans were fans of science fiction in general, as the show's popularity increased, it acquired fans who were not general science fiction fans but rather found the show appealed to them as a "buddy" show, or as a heroic/romantic saga, in which Kirk and Spock were the focus. we certainly had the feeling that the affection was sufficient for that, if that were the particular style of the 23rd century." (He looks thoughtful.) "That's very interesting. Susan Sackett, Gene Roddenberry's personal assistant for 17 years, sometimes commented the slash phenomenon. This has offended a whole subculture that is convinced they are...

Another key element in 'first time' stories and in established relationship stories is the mind meld - either as a way to break the barriers between the men, or as a plot device.

Although there is no consensus on how homosexuality is depicted in Star Trek, Woledge suggests that as K/S stories draw on many particular events from the canon of Star Trek, the text itself is homoerotic.

It has also been noted that although Kirk has had many female companions throughout the series, he always leaves them behind, citing his duties to the Enterprise, but he frequently risks the Enterprise and defies his stated duties in order to keep Spock safe.