Funny dating questions and answers

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Funny dating questions and answers

Not just couldn’t go with him, but couldn’t go at all.I literally asked for a babysitting job so that I didn’t have to go.

Imagine my surprise when I was voted Biggest Flirt.

I’m rather ashamed of the number of times I flirted shamelessly with a guy only to toss him aside once his interest was guaranteed.

Even with as many times as this happened, I still managed to think of myself as unappealing and unwanted.

By the standards of almost any 14 year old girl, I should have been thrilled – he was cute, funny, popular, etc etc etc. Looking back, I feel rather dense, because my big, awkward puppy self couldn’t tell the difference between friendly and flirtatious until I was bashed over the head with it.

I was so overwhelmed by the entire situation that I made up an excuse of why I couldn’t go.

I started walking to class a different way and avoiding him in the halls. Not only had I been completely sideswiped, but it was because all I could keep thinking was that it was some sort of weird joke. By the time I wrapped my mind around myself being remotely attractive to members of the opposite sex, the Senior had faded away.

I did everything in my power not to sit near him in class. Poor guy, he must have been so confused by my ridiculous behavior and subsequent rejection.That’s really the crux if it all, because while there are parts of being single that just suck, I really and truly know I need to be single for a while.I believe I mentioned it in another post, but I went to a tiny middle school.Now This was the first time I experienced the phenomenon that being chased or chasing makes the other person far more attractive than they are once the catching happens.I don’t mean physically attractive, per se, but the overall package.I asked one of my good friends, “How did this happen?! ” His response was: “It’s because you’re friends with boys.” …That’s all it took, apparently.

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