Funny dating questions and answers

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Funny dating questions and answers

I think there were roughly 130 kids, between the 7th and 8th grades, the year I graduated.

Apparently we had been flirting for the past month, and I was too naive to realize it. I’d done it again, given someone the wrong idea because I thought we were just being friendly.I told him he could just take himself off elsewhere – until he no longer had a girlfriend.Lo and behold, he was back a month or so later, and we started dating.Now This was the first time I experienced the phenomenon that being chased or chasing makes the other person far more attractive than they are once the catching happens.I don’t mean physically attractive, per se, but the overall package.I asked one of my good friends, “How did this happen?! ” His response was: “It’s because you’re friends with boys.” …That’s all it took, apparently.

Because many of my friends were guys (I was a huge tomboy) and I was more comfortable around guys than girls, my interactions were apparently perceived by my classmates as flirting. I seriously contemplated faking illness for the last two weeks of school.

That’s really the crux if it all, because while there are parts of being single that just suck, I really and truly know I need to be single for a while.

I believe I mentioned it in another post, but I went to a tiny middle school.

I had horribly inappropriate crushes on guy friends that somehow managed not to destroy said friendships or embarrass me to death. Then along came the guy who would eventually be my first boyfriend.

He was a shameless flirt, full of flattery and very interested.

To the contrary, I thoroughly enjoy doing things on my own, or doing solitary activities (not to be confused with being comfortable being alone in a crowd).