Free sex dating site 100per cent free contact people chat for free

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Free sex dating site 100per cent free contact people chat for free

SCAM 200% Got inundated with messages in less than 18 hours. Thought I'd found someone 'off the beaten road' warning me of "scammers, weirdos and sex pests" to discover he's one of them! The guy showing off his hard on under his boxer shorts needs to f*** off and get a life!

I believe its used by women trolling their husbands and boyfriends when they think they are playing away.

Why would we waste our time with those when we have messages from 10 men who have written notes and communicated with us. Write a cute message..something that disguises yourself.

Wait Before Asking for Pictures Don't demand to see our private showcase early on. Be Patient, Honest and Forthcoming, In Every Way If you are lucky enough to arrange a meet, don't be overly aggressive or eager. Hopefully you didn't lie about your age or weight or anything else. Women on AM are usually looking for more than just sex.

Women on this site are married and many have children. I sent about 5 messages back and forth with my two affairs before sharing my key I don't care how well endowed or how proud of your manhood you are, please do not send photos of your penis or photos of you having sex. I met one guy who was clearly 10-15 older than he claimed to be. Women get many messages, so it takes a while for us to answer you. They want a "friend with benefit" type of relationship.

Photos taken from your cell phone of you standing in front of a mirror, bare chested in a public restroom or in your home are not attractive and kind of creepy. An AFFAIR versus a one night stand, quick hookup, casual encounter.

There are other sites specifically geared toward these type of encounters.

If you just want to get laid, then AM is probably not the right site for you.

I called them twice and I think they were surprised to hear from a happy, woman customer. More Infidelity Dating Sites: Be Naughty,,, Up For It.

Rubbish What a load of sh#te this site is been on here 3 yrs now sent loads of messages and heard nothing at all even been blocked by women who i never even spoke to look out for the married women on here to i know 3 ladies on this site are still married the site in whole is a f##king joke I give plenty of fish a 2 thumbs down. Users who are deleted may not signup to the service again.which is a joke just because people block you or say your married and you just want to find some friends you cant because your profile gets deleted what a joke so lets say i didn't like someone so ill get a bunch of my friends and block them and then there profile will get deleted what a load of crap and without even doing a google search for there customer service address they dont even have it displayed on there site and even if you send them a email you wont even get a reply back and also girls can send any picture they like but when it comes to guys they expect us to upgrade just to send pictures sexist idiots so just because i dont have a pussy between my legs i need to upgrade pfft i would not spend a cent on this stupid app and yet some hell its 1 of the most popular apps and now they even start advertising on television pfft what a joke if i could give this app a 0 or even a -1 i would but unfortunately they dont have that option for me so i would give them a 1 this app is run by a bunch of idiots and i wish it was never made and i cant wait until the day these idiots stupid go bankrupt and out of business DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY TO UPGRADE I REPEAT DONT WASTE YOUR MONEY to upgrade this stupid site cause if you do you will regret it and they dont even refund your money there a joke and a waste just google plenty of fish and see how many bad reviews these idiots have Absolutely Awful I have been on the site on and off.

Plenty of fish is the worst online dating site with scammers they need to start doing facial recognition this is the only way . To get proof of this this year in dec 2017 I set up a profile which was me . He knows what he’s doing and looking for he gave me an i Pad that can’t be Tracked to any of my devices or my IP address .

So right away men asking for my number told them I only have a email to give them .

What follows is one woman's experiences, where she was a member for a little over a year.

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