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The vast majority of modern services in the United States use toll-free numbers whereby clients can dial up to request a call with a particular performer using credit cards, Automated Clearing House systems, and a variety of other billing methods.

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The editor of High Society magazine, Gloria Leonard, is credited with being one of the first people to use "976 numbers", then "900 numbers" for promotional purposes and soon as a revenue stream in the adult industry.

Once means of transmitting payment were developed, phone sex turned into primarily a commercial activity, with customers (overwhelmingly male) and sellers (overwhelmingly female).

Due to the potential for emotional intimacy between those who have engaged in phone sex, it is a matter of some debate whether phone sex is to be considered infidelity when involving a person outside of a committed personal relationship.

Typically the telephone companies would bill callers to chat lines and then remit 45% of the money collected to chat line operators.

The telephone companies placed the chat line charges on a customer's local phone bill.

This is the world portrayed in Spike Lee's movie about phone sex, Girl 6.

At that time independent phone sex was more dangerous, as Lee's movie portrays.The incentives for providers were then reversed; rather than earning money from keeping the customer on the line (orgasm delayed), they earned more from bringing the caller to orgasm quickly, so as to move on rapidly to another call.Unused minutes were rarely usable on a second call.Software platforms were custom written to handle money collection and transfer, connecting caller and sex worker though neither could see anything but the platform's phone number, and metering the connection.Details vary significantly from one platform to another, but the provider may be given a personal page on the platform to use however she (sometimes he) wishes.Leonard recorded her own voice informing callers of the contents of the next issue of High Society magazine before its publication.

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