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You can create one-time and recurring bills to assign expenses to any property or general ledger account code.With all of the accounting data stored in App Folio you can track the current budget and compare to actual income and expenses for each property.

App Folio’s CAM functionality allows you to easily track, bill, and reconcile the shared common area expenses and income for your commercial properties whenever necessary based upon your business practices and agreements with commercial tenants.

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The documentation and data needed to turn accounts over to collections already exists in App Folio Property Manager.

Just look it over, add any missing information, and a fully licensed national collections agency, Hunter Warfield, will take it from there.

We leverage the Universal Search feature to make entering bills simple and intuitive.

Just search for the bill you need, enter the correct information and you’re done.

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I have been a professional photographer for 3 years, specializing in photographing feminine portraiture for the past 2 years.

Once the spreadsheet is completed it can be uploaded directly to App Folio.

All of the charges entered on the spreadsheet will be automatically created as Tenant Charges in your database, saving you time spent on manually entering multiple Tenant Charges.

Ratio Utility Billing (RUBS) allows you to recover utility costs rather than simply absorbing them as a cost of doing business.

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