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The mic is located behind the pen clip to avoid unwanted sound but still clearly record a nearby conversation.

The Newton can record 1080p in 30FPS or 720p in fast speed 60FPS.Following a months-long process by a 19-member police department committee to formulate a pilot policy to guide the program, 10 officers are ready to begin wearing the cameras at all times while on duty and in uniform.The pilot program includes two types of cameras: one that can be attached to a hat or glasses, and one that is worn on the front of the uniform shirt.The Newton has 3 invisible IR LEDs that can be turned on and off from the body cam to produce a detailed video or photo in complete darkness.The Newton body cam incorporates a laser cut 170 Degree Ultra Wide Angle Lens that captures a field of view over 200% more than human eyes can see.Since the human eye’s field of view is around 110 degrees, Newton’s 170-degree ultra wide lens will capture things human eyes miss before and after the event.

These details are crucial in determining guilt and Newton body cam will never miss them.

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Powered by a rechargeable lithium-ion battery that lasts for up 1.5-2 hour of recording time and is guaranteed for 100,000 cycles.

Charge it with the included AC charger with your body camera or from your computer’s USB port. Please consult the local laws regarding audio recordings as they vary from jurisdiction to jurisdiction.

Taser International, the company that manufactures stun guns and body cameras, announced this week that it was launching a program to provide free body cameras to “every police officer in America.”The company, now called Axon, said it will also provide supporting hardware, software, data storage, training, and support to police departments free of cost for one year.

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