Fat people online dating

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Fat people online dating - dating polish men

I started to tell myself I was doomed to be alone forever, who could seriously wake up beside a bald woman and think that I was a catch, I didn’t have hair, my femininity had left the building, poof, like that I was no longer soft, I was flawed, undesirable, looked harsh and bold.

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Women are more disturbed and mortified than men at the thought of a woman having no hair. Its ironic society has us believe that no matter what we do we just aren’t good enough.

In fact my Tinder profile reads, “All photos are recent, and yes, I shave my head, no I don’t have cancer, I have alopecia.

I am at peace with who I am so if you aren’t, that’s ok, keep swiping, thanks for stopping by.

I was honest and positive and as I said the words over and over again, I have alopecia, it felt surreal and foreign but I kept saying it until it was apart of me.

Like saying I have blonde hair or I am 156cm in height.

How society and beliefs have formed what I see as beautiful, absolutely!

Are women more judgmental of each other, resulting in us being extremely harsh on ourselves?I was someone real and tangible they could relate to, someone who understands them.So this had me thinking, does the root really lie with my own projection or thoughts around how I feel about myself?Now this I found refreshing and empowering and deep within me emerged a sense of duty to stand proud and represent all the bald women.I felt like a modern day Joan of Arc perhaps, in the dating sea of shallowness.I believe we have become emotionally unavailable and desensitized, it’s easier to be detached; it’s safer then rejection in a confusing world of ‘perfect’.

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