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What I can remember is that before my first interview, I went through a rigorous research process and here is the exact outline I used to guide the process: -Build a magnetic social media presence -Blog to generate targeted traffic -Establish and affiliate marketing program -Grow the email list -Deliver online contests and other promotions with positive ROI Based on what I could find online, I made analytical notes that included what I liked about their marketing strategy, what I didn’t like, and where I thought I could make an immediate impact.

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But to the men out there reading this, we regret to inform you that she is happily taken -- she's currently dating Stephen Colletti.

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The mobile application is very valuable if you’re out of the house and on the go.

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Cheryl and the other X Factor judges: Louis Walsh, Dannii Minogue and Simon Cowell Take her elder sister, Gillian, for example, who answers the door with a brusque: 'We don't talk to the Press.' Only four years separate the sisters (Gillian is 29), but in terms of lifestyle and appearance, the two may as well be from different planets.