Eclipse sirius updating

14-Apr-2020 22:53 by 7 Comments

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Those with more Sirian Heritage will be asked to partake more in the upcoming changes that are occurring on the planet as we invoke more light and transmute more darkness into LIGHT.

You can specify the behaviour associated to: the text widget edition, the onclick event of an hyperlink/a table, a pushed button, etc.

Even if it is tagged as experimental, it is ready to use.

And do not be afraid, try it, we will take care of the migration for you as we usually do for other parts of Sirius, it will be completely transparent for you to upgrade from 4.0 to 4.1 when it becomes available.

The same principle was kept for developping the properties views feature.

This means that you can choose not to respect the containment hierarchy of your model when you display it graphically.

With minimal efforts you can create a great modeler with a ready-to-use graphical editor providing a model explorer, a palette, a toolbar and contextual menus dedicated to your own DSL.

But when you create a dedicated designer after specifying the viewpoints, the mappings and the tools, the next step is most of the time to contribute dedicated properties views in order to ease data edition.

This is possible because Sirius is based on queries.

For example, we can represent the same attribute with different widgets.

There are plenty of other awesome features, such as context based properties views, dynamic mappings, validation, quick-fixes and more.

If you want to learn more, join us at Eclipse Con France: with Sirius 4.0 which comes with Neon, and be available officially in Sirius 4.1 expected after Neon.1.

At the end of last year, we decided to do something for you to improve the situation. I am very pleased to announce that from here on out Sirius provides an integrated way to define your properties views in the same way as you are used to define the other parts of your designer: no need for code, it is dynamic and query based.