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Dual dating adalah - slc dating

The Roman civil year started on 1st January and its use continued until the seventh century AD.The Christian Church generally wished to move towards using one of its major festivals as the start of the year, and Christmas Day was used from the time of Bede (AD 672 or 673 to 735) until the twelfth century.

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When you print a family group sheet or other chart your output may look like this: Mary Quaker b. 1745/46 4 1m 1745/6 New Garden, MM, NC [source, not the place] This may seem redundant, but to the recipient of your chart, it will be abundantly clear that your source came from an original church record and was not copied from the IGI or Ancestral File which are notorious for incorrectly recording this type of date. That page is no longer on the internet, but it is archived in the Internet Archive Way Back Machine, and that is where I found the information above.

No part of this publication may be reproduced, in any form or by any means, including electronic reproduction or reproduction via the Internet, without written permission from the author, .

In your family history researches, if you come across a year written as 1840-45, you rightly interpret that as meaning "in the period from 1840 to 1845," the years being understood to be inclusive.

The first date given is the Julian year, the second the Gregorian year.” Another way of finding whether the old Quaker method of dating is being used in any given set of records is to search back and forth until a month such as the “2nd mo” is found and the see if entries were made on either the 29th or 30th days, If this was done, then you will know the old system was being used and the month would be the present month of April rather than February. For instance, if it is the “7th mo” and you find the “31st,” you would know the new system is being used and the month is our present month of July rather than the Quaker September.” In other words, before 1752, 11th month was January; 12th month was February; 1st month was March; 2nd month was April and so on.

1752 and after, 1st month was January, 2nd month was February, 3rd month was March…just as we number the months today.

They did not use names for days of the week or months of the year since most of these names were derived from the names of pagan gods.

A date such as August 19, 1748 will never be found.If you are using a commercial database which does not permit entry of dates which reflect the manner in which they are found in the original records, I recommend putting only the year in the date field.In the next field where you would ordinarily enter the name of a city or township, enter the date again but as it was found.When recording dates found in Quaker records, it is preferred practice to copy them as they are found and to record the source.Too often, dates have been transformed incorrectly in secondary sources and these dates should always be verified by the original monthly meeting records.1743 2 3m 1743 New Garden MM, NC [note: this is the source, not the place] d.

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