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In his time it was realised that the calendar had got out of step with the seasons because the actual length of time taken for the earth to orbit the sun was nearer to 365.25 days. So that the same problem would not recur, the rule for leap years was changed slightly.

Too often, dates have been transformed incorrectly in secondary sources and these dates should always be verified by the original monthly meeting records.The dual year must be used until you are quite certain the locale in question has adopted the Gregorian calendar (or until the Quaker records no longer have the dual form or the year is after 1752).Dual dating is applicable ONLY for the first three months (to 25 March) of the present calendar and NOT for the other nine months.You may find that some legal documents will read “the 8th mo 5th day 1748 in the month called October.” It is disconcerting when a date such as 30th da 11th mo 1722/1723 is found.The double year indicates that the old calendar was in use.They did not use names for days of the week or months of the year since most of these names were derived from the names of pagan gods.

A date such as August 19, 1748 will never be found.There are two elements of our modern calendar that were not always the same as they are now.One is the starting day of the year; the other is the rule for working out leap years.If you see a date written as 2nd March 1735/6 you might think it means the year is uncertain even though the date is known. This way of writing a date has a special meaning which all historians need to know about.This article explains how this apparent vagueness is actually a means of specifying a date with precision and without ambiguity, and why we need, not only to understand the notation used, but also to use it ourselves if we are to avoid being misunderstood.In England and her colonies both of these changed to our modern usage in 1752.

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