Drug wholesalers product dating shelf life

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Drug wholesalers product dating shelf life - dating game pictures

Because of this, there is little economic sense in trying to preserve drugs for longer (which would require more extremely expensive trials), when you can just trash the drugs and order up a new batch that has a combined msrp of $100M for $5k.

I wonder what other environmental controls could extend the shelf life of common, expensive medication?So cheap that nobody is even striving to produce them in a cheaper, more efficient way.If you compare this kind of industry with chemical specialty industries, where the mindset is to increase yield as much as possible, in pharma the production cost is not much of a consideration.I wonder what other environmental controls could extend the shelf life of common, expensive medication? The vast majority of all medication in use is practically free to produce.The packaging of drugs typically costs more than the drugs themselves.Also know that you can't "extrapolate" and need actual data based on regulations of the big 3 geographies (US, Europe, Japan). Also, these agencies are extremely conservative when it comes to what impurities should be considered acceptable and at what levels they should be.

Not saying they are necessarily wrong, but this is another constraints.

But nobody wants to run long stability studies, because that costs a lot of money (i.e.

several batches that have to be analyzed in regular basis, documented, reported, QA'ed, inspected, etc...

Most drugs don't fall off a cliff of efficacy when they reach their expiration date.

There are drugs such as tetracyclines that should never be used past their expiration dates because they degrade into toxic compounds.

At that time when drug samples expired, sales representatives had to return them to their companies for destruction.

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