Dragonica dating

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The game is beautifully designed and fun to play with.Ur adventure is only beginning here at Dragonica- Reign of Frost.

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Now I’m studying abroad, far from home, friends, n family, so sometimes i really feel bored and homesick..

Post Date: Rating: 8 Author: guikun Comment: i love the mechanic of dragonica..

its the best kind of action mmorpg i ve seen around..

Asiasoft has revived Dragonica Mobile, a free-to-play action-RPG for i OS and Android devices.

No longer tied to the LINE service, the game is marking its return under Playpark with a bunch of new systems and features, notably real-time multiplayer.

For example, a Fighter can go on to become a Knight, Paladin, Dragoon, Warrior, Gladiator, and Destroyer.

Post Date: Rating: 9 Author: Frendly Le Blanc Comment: I played this game earlier and it was good.. Near this i played a more few games like this and these games never booring… Don’t be be left out =PPost Date: Rating: 10 Author: marcopolo Comment: Dragonica is very cute 3D game. Dragonica was the best online mmorpg games that can make alot friend in game even in real or from other country,it makes me more friends.but when i play, i can meet with my friends and enjoy the game, n no longer feel bored. i’m not gonna lie, this game also has flaws, but GMs are always trying their best to fix wherever needs the fixing, and because it’s not perfect, i will give 9 for the rate. 🙂Post Date: Rating: 7 Author: kylerainer Comment: This game has good graphics and maps showcasing great sceneries.It doesn’t have a steep learning curve and there are numerous quests that you can do in-game through the journal.The bosses are really tough,so you will need a strong team to defeat them,which adds to the social qualities of this game.You can create parties, make friends and even date and get married.For e.g Warrior to Gladiator/Knight; Magician to Acolyte/Battle Mage; Archer to Hunter/Ranger; Thief to Assassin/Jester.