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What was poignant in “Skin Deep” wasn’t the fact that she was able to trick him, but the tie to their history when he drops his pants to show her his scar again.Later on that season, House discovers that Cuddy is trying to get pregnant.

House’s words to her hurt, since he knew of her struggles to become a mother and knew where to hit her hard when it counted.

However, the topper for many fans to change the channel for the new House season was the unexpected departure of series regular Lisa Edelstein.

According to Edelstein, she still hasn’t seen a correct report in the press regarding the circumstances surrounding her departure, but for her it is no longer a topic she’s interested in discussing. In any case, I want to take the opportunity to pay homage to Miss Edelstein and the character to whom she breathed life, since the character will always be an inspiration to me on a personal level. Lisa’s Cuddy’s backstory was in its infancy and fans weren’t privy to the past she had with Gregory House or how she was able to maintain his life-long passion for medicine.

Cuddy was an under graduate student at Michigan where the legendary Dr. Additionally, it’s revealed in this episode that Cuddy was the one who hired House after four other administrators fired him, leading the question of “why.” “Humpty Dumpty” also provided us with House’s famous “gaping chasm” speech in which Cuddy sees what others can’t, which was important in his case because she wouldn’t have hired him otherwise.

The second season also saw House coming to Cuddy in desperation for morphine due to the pain in his leg after he sent old girlfriend Stacy back to her husband.

Rather than review episodes, I analyze them in homage to the writing team.

In this regard, I hope to uncover the heart of the episode and help the reader see the show through a different lens. House, many felt the series took an odd turn culminating in the much controversial season seven finale with House bulldozing Cuddy’s dining room with his car.That issue of the lie gets resolved, but the aftermath will find Cuddy in a difficult position with House again soon enough.In the meantime, House is still honoring Cuddy’s secret regarding her IVF treatments.Regardless, it was Cuddy who got House to stop acting like a stubborn ass and apologize to Tritter to make his problems disappear.House at first is reluctant, but does heed her advice, which Tritter naturally didn’t take.She gets cold feet though, when she approaches him.

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