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The sources of inspiration for my sculpture are the inherent properties in materials and processes as well as everyday naturalistic phenomena.

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After having my father waiting at my house all day, no one showed up. How can you run a successful business when you have no employees doing their job!! They dont show for sceduled appointments, shedule appoints & dont tell you, show up & dont have the part they are suppose to have, mail parts & send the wrong ones, send multiples of a part when only one is needed... I have had the exact same issues with my tractor repair..3 years in a row I have had the repair tech cancel and not show up every time... This complete lack of cusotmer service is beyond horrific and I for one will never spend another penny with them.They'll hear that the appointment was made for the afternoon.Now, I'm stuck sitting at home all day Saturday in case they pull the same stunt again.The Sears lady that I spoke to said that I'd get a phone call the day before to confirm the time. I had to take off work & arrange for someone to back up my work load.I wrote down 'Sears, Wed, 1-5' in several places; even told my backup that I'd be gone in the afternoon to wait for Sears.Then, I'd have to take even more time off for the whole cycle to repeat itself.

I'm going down to the store where I bought the dishwasher & I'm going to raise the roof! He said that wasn't a problem - he could wait on me.

I get another call on Saturday, the very same thing. I also went the whole summer without the tractor being fixed... For those in California I just found the following that may help: The law is California Civil Code Section 1722: (a) (1) Whenever a contract is entered into between aconsumer and a retailer with 25 or more employees relating to thesale of merchandise which is to be delivered by the retailer or theretailer's agent to the consumer at a later date, and the partieshave agreed that the presence of the consumer is required at the timeof delivery, the retailer and the consumer shall agree, either atthe time of the sale or at a later date prior to the delivery date, on a four-hour time period within which any delivery shall be made.

Whenever a contract is entered into between a consumer and a retailerwith 25 or more employees for service or repair of merchandise, whether or not the merchandise was sold by the retailer to theconsumer, and the parties have agreed that the presence of theconsumer is required at the time of service or repair, upon receiptof a request for service or repair under the contract, the retailerand the consumer shall agree, prior to the date of service or repair, on a four-hour period within which the service or repair shall becommenced.

In the tradition of object making, I interpret the action in nature.

My one of a kind sculptures satisfy an obsession with the tactile as they reveal light, space, and the concept of duality.

On top of that, his people skills were very lacking. My washer broke and it took them forever to come out and fix it.

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    One woman posted a warning on a social networking site, saying the owner of the agency she had been working for didn’t pay her and other translators 18-20 thousand hryvnia each (about 0-950) for a several months work. It is a common complaint from men that Ukrainian women they meet through PPL sites never allow any intimacy, even as much as a kiss or holding hands.

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