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The dice tray also packs flat with your rulebooks and is easy to take with you to Starfinder Society sessions!The awesome Starfinder Dice: Dead Suns from Q-Workshop pictured in the tray are also available.

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While the Dungeon Starter Set provides tools for creating basic dungeon complex, Dungeon Perils details corridors and areas with possible traps, hazards, and difficulties the PCs will have to explore or avoid.

On the Starfinder Compatible front, Happy Gnome Publishing has released Redshirts: Adventures in Absurdity, Vol. Unlike most RPGs which set up PCs to achieve great heroic victories over threats to the very existence of the world, Redshirts is more a game of survival—as in can the PCs survive the ridiculous orders of the command crew?

Redshirts plays like a combination of a roleplaying game and an improv comedy routine (always say "yes"), as the PCs run the crew's most dangerous errands. 1 encompasses the first three "missions" and will take PCs from level 1 to level 3.

Wet, dry, and permanent markers erase from the tiles! Don't forget about our many options for Pathfinder Battles Miniatures to fill your maps with heroes and villains alike, and we have many options from Reaper Miniatures on sale now!

Additionally 4 Pen and 6 Pen Mat Marker Sets are available from Chessex!

Spell decks allow players to easily reference their class spells and even manage their spell slots with visual representation— which also have the full spell text and mechanics within—negating the need to hunt down rules text. Featuring 42 full-color 6x6-inch map tiles, with dungeon corridors and room pieces on both sides, all stunningly crafted by cartographer Jason A.

And remember—the Winter Blast Sale from Dragon Wing Games—which takes 50% off all of its PDFs—is running through February 18th! Engle—these exciting new tiles put dungeon design in your hands!

Don't forget to pick up a Starfinder Lanyard—then take a look at all the great Campaign Coins products available here on!

It's that time again—a new batch of Pathfinder Compatible and Starfinder Compatible third-party products are now available!

We've got a ton of other great dice options from Chessex and Koplow as well.

Show your colors with the Starfinder Logo, Pathfinder Logo, and Pathfinder Goblin pins. From T-Shirts, Figures, Bags, to Barware, there's plenty to choose from.

Redshirts introduces 8 new playable races, and dozens on original NPCS and monsters to kill your players with over and over again.

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