Different methods of dating rocks

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Different methods of dating rocks

The ocean basins, on the other hand, are all less than 150 million years old.Oceanic lithosphere, because it is more dense is continually recylced back into the interior of the Earth.

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The past positions of the continents during the last 150 million years can be directly reconstructed by superimposing linear magnetic anomalies of the same age.Continental lithosphere, because it is less dense, is more bouyant and is not easily subducted, or recycled back into the Earth's interior.As a result, continents are made-up of very old rocks, some dating back 3.8 billion years.Wetness, or rainfall, also varies systematically from the equator to the pole.It is wet near the equator, dry in the subtropics, wet in the temperate belts and dry near the poles.By measuring the remanent magnetic field often preserved in iron-bearing rock formations, paleomagnetic analysis can determine whether a rock was magnetized near the Pole or near the Equator.

Paleomagnetism provides direct evidence of a continent's N-S (latitudinal) position, but does not constrain its E-W (longitudinal) position.

The Earth's magnetic field has another important property.

Like the Sun's magnetic field, the Earth's magnetic field "flips" or reverses polarity.

The amount of continental lithosphere has probably changed very little during the last 2.6 billion years (possibly increasing 10-15%).

What has changed, is the shape and the distribution of continents across the globe.

The second goal is to illustrate the changing distribution of mountains, lowlands, shallow seas, and deep ocean basins through time.

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