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Remember this disaster, worn by the otherwise lovely Adrianne Palicki in David E. The costume looked, in the words of Robo Panda, “somebody skinned the interior of a classic car,” and as Nicolas Cage learned the hard way, a superhero’s only as good as his/her costume.

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A white woman’s Facebook post about black men went viral last week after she called them out for choosing to date white women specifically because they may appear to be “more submissive.” “If your primary reason for dating white women is because you’re under the self centered delusion that they are more ‘submissive’ and understanding of your inherent refusal to get your s*** together without the help of a romantic partner, I am not the Caucasian for you,” said Tiffany Jolene in a Facebook post that has since been deleted.

Given the tendency for successful black men to worship at the temple of the ‘cult of blonde beauty,’ why is it so reproachable for us to choose non-black partners as well?

It seems as though black men can fully and freely have relationships with whomever they want, and “race” is not a barrier. Some black women are hurt about black men dating white women.

They are the complete opposite of how black women have historically been portrayed.

Rather than bemoaning the fact that these black characters are involved with white men, let us celebrate the fact that Olivia and Annalise are leading black female characters on network television that defy stereotypes. Gina Torres is a Facebook addicted-arm chair psychologist- political commenting-often militant-pop culture junkie blogger.

Unfortunately the residual effect of our history makes some of us intensely uncomfortable with interracial couples.

It is still far more common to see black men with women of other cultures than it is to see black women with non-black partners.

Pope is educated, glamorous, and the owner a successful company. And for the past two seasons she has been in a love triangle involving not one but two white men.

I have read blog after blog, article after article, and had conversation after conversation about this topic. It mirrors a greater issue within our community concerning black women involved in relationships with non-black men.

Ironically the man was hugged up with a Caucasian woman when he said it. This isn’t the show to watch if you plan to make moral judgments. Scandal brings to the life the cliché about politics being dirty. They zero in on the affair and often refer to Olivia Pope as a white man’s whore.

When I watch Scandal, I see a cast of characters that are multi-layered and complex. This is then followed up with some comment about how women never support cheating any other time, but we cheer for the mistress in this instance.

Gina is a wry observer and humorist whose greatest joy is to make people ugly laugh.

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