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A comparison of radiocarbon ages derived from bulk peat and selected plant macrofossils in basal peat cores from circum-arctic peatlands.

While the information about Solid Works 2012 is under embargo, you can have a feeling of the event and some interesting information about Solid Works install base, revenue growth, eco-system. Nevertheless, I thought most of you can benefit from them combined in a single blog.I’ve been attending Solid Works Media day in Dassault Solid Works campus in Concord, MA.Actually, I noted- this is probably the last time event happens in the current Solid Works building.Chemical and isotopic interpretation of major ion compositions from precipitation: a one-year temporal monitoring study in Wrocław, SW Poland. Journal of Atmospheric Chemistry, Article in Press. Welcome at the Kikoy Shop In the slideshow below you can watch all products of the Kikoy Shop passing by.

When you click the text beneath the picture you will go directly to that particular product.

Constraining groundwater flow in the glacial drift and saginaw aquifers in the Michigan Basin through helium concentrations and isotopic ratios.

Gravimetry contributions to the study of the complex western Haouz aquifer (Morocco): Structural and hydrogeological implications.

Coastal uplift west of Algiers (Algeria): pre- and post-Messinian sequences of marine terraces and rasas and their associated drainage pattern.. Ciężka, M., Modelska, M., Górka, M., Trojanowska-Olichwer, A., Widory, D., 2015.

C., Détroit, F., Falguères, C., Ghaleb, B., Sémah, F., 2015. Geology, petrography, geochemistry, and genesis of sulfide-rich pods in the Lac des Iles palladium deposits, western Ontario, Canada.

The agenda afternoon included some very entertaining engineering experiments such as magnets, motor assembly and the hit of the day – vibration driven mouse robot. After 7 minutes – rotation, execs are moving to the next table. It is hard to make a real comment and not to talk about the product. Best, Oleg An interesting post was published by Luna-Tech research about the Business Process Management redefinition.