Dating while pregnant

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Dating while pregnant

While one in five (19%) feel exactly the same as when they are not pregnant, only 3% feel more attractive, and only 17% are proud of their pregnancies.

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You’ll also need to be on the lookout for guys who just want to sleep with you.

Despite the fact that a quarter of families in the UK are headed up by a single parent – with this having been the case for over a decade** – Baby Centre's research suggests that dating in pregnancy is one of the final taboos for single mums-to-be.

71% say there is a stigma surrounding dating during pregnancy with 64% feeling they can't even tell friends or family that they are dating or considering it.

' But that's not to say it isn't complicated.

There's no doubt that carrying another man's baby adds complexity to any potential new relationship and pregnant women will always be thinking about what's best for their baby, as well as for themselves.

Almost half (46%) have already used, or would use, online dating and dating apps (such as Tinder, Plenty of Fish and Match) to find dates, with the same number seeking recommendations from friends.

23% say they look for dates at bars, parties and social events, while 16% are looking for love at work.61% are either already dating (13%) or keen to do so (48%), despite the fact that the vast majority (86%) feel they will be judged for dating while expecting.The research, carried out by the #1 digital pregnancy and parenting destination worldwide among over 400 pregnant women, found that expectant mums who find themselves single are following in the footsteps of supermodel Heidi Klum* and TV characters Rachel in ' Friends' and Miranda in ' Sex and the City', by pursuing love.But for others, getting out and meeting new people is an important part of who they are.Baby Centre supports all mums, whatever choices they make and we strongly believe that just because a women is dating doesn't mean that she can't be the best mum possible to the child she is carrying.' Of the single mums-to-be, 62% were in a relationship with the baby's father when they got pregnant, with 22% citing the pregnancy as the reason for the break up.One man asked me on our first date if I was interested in having more children, which, considering my condition, I didn’t think anything of at the time because I thought we really clicked and I was into him. OK, so there is one downside to being pregnant while dating, especially if you’re dating someone new during, say, the third trimester. All in all, if you find yourself flying solo during pregnancy, it’s safe to say that you can date, and there isn’t a shortage of men out there who are willing to give you a chance despite your current situation.