Dating victrola records

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Dating victrola records

By placing a compression driver in the “throat” of a horn, the sound generated by the driver is similarly coupled to the air, resulting in a high sound-pressure level for relatively little amplifier power compared to conventional dynamic drivers.Important benefits accrue from relieving the amplifier of so much work, like lower distortion and greater dynamic range.

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The bass is not as deep or defined as it could be, but it is robust and lively enough to give a lot of music some welcome drive and momentum.I heard venue depth with some recordings, but this was mostly through obvious delay or echo rather than the more explicit illusion of 3-D soundstage depth that higher-performing (and more costly) speakers recreate.With optimal positioning established, the RF-82 II is a well-balanced speaker that does indeed have fantastic dynamic range, better than expected upper-frequency detail retrieval, and a rather full bass response.(Even though the C1 theoretically requires about 15 times more power to drive than the RF-82, the volume control settings I used with the C1 vs.the RF-82were not nearly as different as I anticipated.) Although the RF-82 takes only a few watts to drive, I noted a marked improvement in control, dynamics, and a general sense of ease as I moved up the “amplifier power chain.” In theory, it shouldn't matter.Klipsch recommends aiming the front baffles toward the listener.

When toed in this way, the RF-82 sounded overly bright and forced.None of the amplifiers I had on hand had any trouble, even when playing very demanding recordings. I was curious to hear what such a high-sensitivity speaker would bring to the equation, since I normally use a speaker that takes considerably more power to drive, the Dynaudio Confidence C1 (85d B, 4 ohms).While I have recently reviewed speakers that are a bit easier on amplifiers than the C1 and used a 93d B/12-ohm number some time ago, the RF-82 II still presented the most benign load of any speaker I’ve had in-house.Before the Klipschorn (still in production since 1946), most people listened to their records through a variation of the Victrola. Klipsch's breakthrough “folded horn” speaker used the corners of the listening room as part of its horn-loading to greatly improve bass extension and dynamics.It could also generate high volume levels with only a few watts of power. When you cup your hands around your mouth as you try to shout to your friend across the street, your cupped hands act as an acoustic impedance-matching transformer that more efficiently couples your voice to the air.Some high-end speaker companies currently use horns with fantastic results: Avantgarde Acoustic and Acapella, for examples; even Magico—largely known for its sealed-enclosure, dynamic-driver models—uses horns in its 5,000 Ultimate II.

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