Dating sites whilst pregnant

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Dating sites whilst pregnant - pregnant and dating season 2

There are no rules to say you shouldn’t date while pregnant. Others may judge you, but you are not doing anything wrong, and it is certainly nothing to be embarrassed about.

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A good way to discover if they don’t mind the fact that you are pregnant is to talk about the baby.

It is a good way of identifying the good dates from the bad.

If they run a mile once you tell them, then they are definitely not worth wasting any more time over.

Don’t settle for someone because they are willing to take on you and your baby.

However tempting this offer may sound, you must be realistic and visualise how you see your future together.

The last thing you want is to have your partner being jealous of your new baby and time you spend together.

If your date supported you throughout your pregnancy and after, it is important that you try and make time for them, and yourself, although this is easier said than done with a young baby about.

You need to make sure you can trust them before you even consider letting them care for your baby with you.

Trust is vital for a relationship, and even more so when a baby is involved.

You need to discuss your future plans with your date before your baby is born.

Don’t assume they will stick around once your baby is born; you need to talk about this beforehand.

Many see dating while pregnant as being no different to dating with children, but others consider it wrong to become close and even intimate with someone new while carrying someone else’s baby.

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