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For the benefit of those who may be looking for a particular vehicle or batch, the following lists in fleet number and registration number order, linked to the appropriate batch, may be useful; Fleet numbers; This is numerically Southdown's first underfloor-engined coach, seen on an excursion in the mid 1960s.

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Typical of the company's general purpose coaches of the period it has a distinctive Southdown styling, and survived 12 years in service.Notes: 1619-1644 were converted to dual-purpose DP41C around 1961 with larger destination indicator boxes, but remained in coach livery.The route numbers, when required, were shown on boards positioned over the front registration plate.As always, mistakes are inevitable and some relevant information may be missing so, in order to make it as accurate a reference as possible, I would of course welcome any additions or corrections.Since the list is arranged in order of delivery, the fleet numbers in this list are not in sequence.Within a year it had followed general Southdown policy to paint the whole coach fleet all-over leaf green, which detracted from the character of the machines. Here we see Royal Tiger 1811 (LUF 811) at Bognor Regis depot after having its Harrington body repainted into the all-over leaf green livery applied in 1961. Body: 800-809; Duple Ambassador C26C tourers with sliding roof and 'two-and-one' seating.

It became No.1683 at the same time, and was downgraded from touring to general coach duties, increasing the capacity to 41 seats. 810-829; Harrington Wayfarer I, C26C tourers with sliding roof, intended for long-distance coach cruises. The Harrington-bodied examples were repainted all-over leaf green in 1961/2, converted to C41C, and renumbered again as 1670-1689.Royal Parade garage is now sadly replaced by a block of flats. Amazingly, the first of the batch survived into the 21st century in service !Here is the chassis of 1650 (MUF 650) working in Malta in 2006, attached to an Aquilina body and registered DBY306, despite claiming to be a Leyland Leopard.This was basically the Duple Ambassador, but some 1953 models were named 'Coronation' to celebrate the Queen's coronation that year.These bodies were somewhat heavy and an unpopular option (East Kent bought two, but that may be all).The various body manufacturers had their products subtly varied by the company and thus became instantly recogniseable as Southdown vehicles, with their extensive window area and patterned brightwork on the front.