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Therefore, you have to pass through an Israeli –controlled border, immigration and security authorities to get anywhere in Palestine.

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You will need a family justification (a close relative in Gaza), or a work justification (if you work in for a humanitarian or international organization).

The road trip to the airport in Amman will take you from 3 to 12 hours depending on the dealy at the checkpoint.

There is also a hinders of high costs for Palestinians including for transport and exit/entry fees (up to 0).

Despite several decades of a well-covered conflict in the media, such simple and clear information about the daily reality of Palestinians living and traveling in Palestine is buried and fragmented in many websites, articles, photos and projects, creating perceptions and myths that do not match reality.

This is not an attempt, yet again, to explain the whole Israeli-Palestinian conflict in ten bullet points (although I have been asked zillion times “so what do you think about the conflict?

You have a specific Jerusalem resident ID “travel document” controlled by Israel (see more information in the below section) in order to travel abroad (instead of a passport).

Some West Bank and Jerusalem residents hold a Jordanian passport specifically issued for Palestinians (i.e. You have the right to live and work in Jerusalem but are considered a permanent resident, rather than a citizen (like having a Green Card in the U. If you live outside of Jerusalem (in the West Bank or abroad) for a few years your ID may be revoked, regardless of the fact that you were born and raised there.

” in between two bites of cheese, with expectations of a one-minute easy answer), as it would result in some level of demagogy and oversimplification. I am conscious that we are still missing a good mainstream travel guide with all the “practical” information visiting foreigners would need when visiting.

(see question below on tourism) Under the terms established by the Oslo Accords (aka Peace agreements of 1993), the West Bank was divided into three areas: Area A, which came under the civilian and security control of the PA (18%); Area B, which came under PA civilian and Israeli military control (21%); and Area C, which came under full Israeli control (61%). Palestine is under military occupation by Israel, which means that it does not control any of its borders, or its airspace.

You can only travel through the Jordanian border (Allenby-King Hussein bridge) and take a plane in Amman.

You cannot travel through Israel international airport unless you have a special permit.

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