Dating sites age ranges

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Dating sites age ranges

I really thought it worked well at the lower age ranges but in the 40s things started to get a little excessive first for the upper limit and then later for the lower limit as well. The equation given would suggest that his optimal dating range would be between 36.5 and 100.While I could see my dad dating someone around 37 (although he’s married so he won’t be!

The new equation (created using excel) is: Lower Limit =IF(YOUR_AGE – SUM((YOUR_AGE/2) 7) 20, YOUR_AGE 20, (YOUR_AGE-7)*2) For the lower limit, I’m checking if the lower range is more than 20 years younger than YOUR_AGE and if it is I’m capping it at 20 years younger. Here’s what my initial results look like: This is just one section of the entire results and you can download the entire excel sheet here.While it’s not perfect (it’s still hard for me to imagine my dad dating someone who is 77) I do think the limits look better with the artificial caps applied.Again, you can see the original article that this discussed this idea in detail over at Insatiable Hee.I recently met a guy online who I quickly discovered was 10 years older than his profile stated.I was so frustrated, thought about how this had happened to me more times than I can count throughout my online dating history and felt compelled to share some of my theories about online dating and ageism and how to handle it.I have shared this in many online dating articles and I stand firmly on the fact that many people truly do have a false perception of themselves.

Remember, people can create anything they want to in an online dating profile and post 10-year old photos, as well.

It makes me sad to think that people still want to hold on to who they were and what they looked like 20 years ago, rather than embracing who they are now…wrinkles, extra few pounds and all.

Rather than a mature gentleman emailing a much younger Trophy wife, I suggest he contact women around his age or a few years younger, as he may discover that there are many women over 40 who are equally as beautiful, fit, active, fun, sexy and sensual as the 25-year old chippy in the previous profile.

Unfortunately, I’m definitely not 21 any more, and 30 is, well, not that much older than me.

In other words, I think I need to expand my age range. Obviously I’m not advocating using this as a strict guide to whom you can or cannot date. ”) or logic, but I do know plenty of couples who are happy and way out of the age range.

still pretty young to me, honestly, but I guess 5 years isn’t that much.

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