Dating secrets from

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Dating secrets from

Just general chit chat - it was nice and relaxed - it went really well.

‘We go for celebs that are going to be good entertainment, we go for celebs that are going to be good value, and we go for celebs that we know are going to test us but in some way reward us.’ 3 Meanwhile, it goes without saying that they can’t be in a relationship either.

And non-celebrities do not meet dating experts Nadia Essex and Eden Blackman until the mixers.

Naomi said: “I saw a link on Facebook and I just thought I'd like to meet new people so I just applied for it and I got the call to be cast for it and had to have an interview and do a selfie video and stuff like that which obviously all went really well.

"We have spoken since the show.” Naomi told the Sun about the lengths she had to go through to appear on the E4 show.

She saw an advert for it on Facebook and revealed there is a series of vetting processes.

‘There’s a couple of people I’d really love to get into the series but it’s a case of seeing if it fits with them.

The show isn’t for everyone, it fits a certain demographic and a certain audience, there’s no point in wishing for people who aren’t going to be part of it.’ 5 It takes longer to film than you might think – with the current series having been shot over a period of three months.

As Eden explains: ‘It has to be somewhere you feel incredibly comfortable, and where all the crew can fit their cameras and equipment.’ 10 There’s a whole lot of stuff that you don’t see on TV – with the dates lasting longer than you might think.

They’re a couple of hours I think, however long a regular date would be – there’s drinks, there’s dinner, there are obviously breaks during that as well – and sometimes they have to change lighting and different angles,’ Eden points out.

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“I filled out a form online and I had a call from them and I had a Facetime interview with one of the casting members, then I went up there.

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