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Dear All, The entire Heatblur team is very hard at work on both the F-14, Viggen and other new projects.

The HSD can, for example, display navigational data, ECM (RWR) data - or serve as a “repeater” for the RIOs TID display.

Much of the focus currently lies with high level, core elements of the F-14 that made it such a valuable replacement for many aircraft in the Navy and probably the most formidable and diverse fighter aircraft of its time.

Much effort is currently being spent on our recreation of the Hughes Airborne Weapons Group 9 (or AWG-9), it’s various modes of operation and weapons, as well as continuing the development on JESTER AI, our AI RIO pilot companion!

The DDD is really the lightning rod for all things AWG-9.

A skilled RIO making great use of the DDD will make the F-14 an amazingly effective weapons platform.

In SEAM slave mode, the Sidewinder’s seeker head is slaved to the target that is locked with either the radar or TCS (Television Camera System) and starts tracking the target before the missile comes off the rail.

The seeker can be commanded to SEAM lock by a pilot HOTAS button. One of the most unique features of the F-14 is the optical sensor known as the Television Camera System.Sidewinder capability in the F-14 is fairly standard if you’re familiar with other western aircraft.The sidewinders support active cooling (must be activated on ACM panel to get a tone) and the SEAM (Sidewinder Expanded Acquisition Mode) function.“The AWG-9 is made up of a radar, computer, interface between AWG-9 and weapons and the associated displays” James Perry Stevenson writes in the Aero Series 25 book “Grumman F-14 Tomcat”.He says further: “The primary purpose of the F-14 is to act as a weapons platform.While ground mapping is, perhaps, not as useful in an F-14 as in the Viggen- it can still be a helpful tool in bad weather, navigation and low light flight situations.

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