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Each existing railroad route is mapped and stations are identified by a number which corresponds to a key providing its name.The populations of principal cities are provided in the margin.

This map formed the basis of numerous further publications, since it could be broken down to show different states or regions.

The names of countries, states, important towns, lakes, rivers and major geological features are labeled. Size: 19 x 12 1/2 Price:., sixty-seventh edition of the "Rand Mc Nally Commercial Atlas and Marketing Guide" is unique in its inclusion of informative details.

Manitoba and Saskatchewan, and British Columbia and Alberta are illustrated on seperate maps on this page.

The wax engraving method also allowed for the use of very small lettering, which was useful when many stops and stations along a route needed to be marked.

Rand Mc Nally &Company was quick to realize the potential in the map market, and the company expanded rapidly.

In 1886, Rand Mc Nally added lithography to their printing capabilities.

New Indexed Atlas of the Northwest (1880), Indexed Atlas of the World (1886), General Atlas of the World (1887), Rand Mc Nally Standard Atlas of the World (1888), New Family Atlas of the World (1888), Model Atlas of the World and Cyclopedia of Useful Information (1889), Universal Atlas of the World (1893), Pictorial Atlas of the World, Twentieth Century Atlas of the World, and Popular Atlas of the World (1896), Household Atlas of the World (1898), and Unrivaled Atlas of the World (1899).While continuing to publish railroad maps, pocket maps and booklets, the company became serious atlas publishers in the 1880’s, expanding their map coverage from the United States and Canada to the whole world.The Pocket Atlas of the World came out in 1885 and the General Atlas of the World in 1887.Central America and, on a seperate map, Cuba are illustrated on this page.An inset on the map of Central America lists the departments on the region.The 1936, sixty-seventh edition of the "Rand Mc Nally Commercial Atlas and Marketing Guide" is unique in its inclusion of informative details concerning population sizes, district uses, the size of counties, and railroad routes.

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