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I would expect that this is what people expect to be supported, or no? Palaestrator verborum @Palaestrator verborum: Fancy subtags are not the topic of this thread, but you can use all the subtags you want on English Wikipedia now, after the creation of w: Module: Lang.

What actually gets provided is this: which script detection would almost be happy with, if not for the HTML entity.

Anyway, the parameter would be misnamed when the label is actually a religion.

I vote for having a data module with a table for each language, containing the special prefix used for each script.

I just defaulted to blue-ish and reddish, because those are the colors Verbix uses.

It also adds gray for forms which are grammatical, but don't make pragmatic sense, like non third person singular forms of "nevar", although I think that's less important to mark.

And people think that I make complicated proposals …

Palaestrator verborum The title of the section is "script-based variants", which sounds like it could be talking about IETF script subtags, but the actual topic of the original post was labels in descendant trees. This is an area to complement the Beer parlour and Tea room.Its purpose is specifically for discussing the future development of the English Wiktionary, both as a dictionary and as a website.A boolean parameter could turn on the special prefix, and the module wouldn't have to concatenate the language and script code ( instead.Sogdian is the only example of a script alias I can think of, so I think better to just piggyback on the script data module and filter it with a aliases data module. --Victar (talk) , 10 January 2018 (UTC) I always dreamed to use language/script subtags as in BCP 47 (it is the linked list which is the standard).If you are up to the task, I beg you to help the Dalmatian wiki. Or could the interwiki link be a problem (should be fixed with , be it in different style conventions or in different languages, then it's a bad idea to manipulate the overall title.