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The Grease pit is a place to discuss technical issues such as templates, Lua modules, CSS, Java Script, the Media Wiki software, extensions to it, the toolserver, etc.It is also a place to think in non-technical ways about how to make the best free and open online dictionary of "all words in all languages".

If that could be done, then autodetection would work for ruby text as well and no longer need an explicit script.There are even such dope uses as ru-petr1708 and ru-luna1918 for Russian in Zarist and Bolshevik spelling.And Chinese could differentiate too with Hans and Hant.Anyway, the parameter would be misnamed when the label is actually a religion.I vote for having a data module with a table for each language, containing the special prefix used for each script.—Rua (mew) , 8 January 2018 (UTC) There are a lot of entries, even templates, that specify I noticed that the Spanish conjugation template has color coding, when the verb form varies from the norm.

Verbix also does this, although they distinguish orthographic changes and others which aren't technically irregular from actual irregular changes.Others have understood this page to explain the "how" of things, while the Beer parlour addresses the "why". I, Aearthrise have been working on Dalmatian language entries (the language of the Ancient Roman province of Illyricum/Illyria, modern day Croatia, Montenegro) and have created templates for Dalmatian verbs.Dalmatian is just a random dialect of Romance languages, it is the the fifth and least known out of the five groups of modern Romance: Hispanic(Spanish, Portuguese, etc.), Italic(Italian, etc.), Gallic(French, etc.), Illyric(Dalmatian, etc.), and Dacic(Romanian, etc.) There are four verbal stems in Dalmatian which compare to Latin forms, -ur(-āre),-ar(-ēre),-ro(-ere), and -er(-īre).(Regarding Well the topic is how to display script versions, isn’t it.And as there are quite some thoughts with potential of serious consequences about script labels I reminded about the internet standard for this, which is also more readible and which many people have surely forgotten.I would expect that this is what people expect to be supported, or no? Palaestrator verborum @Palaestrator verborum: Fancy subtags are not the topic of this thread, but you can use all the subtags you want on English Wikipedia now, after the creation of w: Module: Lang.

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