Dating plenty of fish

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Dating plenty of fish - synchrony dual optic accommodating lens

You can definitely tell the real from the fake and I question whether the webmaster is possibly throwing proverbial bones at me to keep me interested. I'm going to call my bank and make sure this card for this service is not used again but I don't know if that's going to make a difference.The people that I would consider are absolutely not real in my view. I've heard of such sites years ago who told you if somebody had been logged onto this site or how long it's been since they last use the site.

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they pull the bad element off as soon as investigated and reported. I am a man and POF has no idea the some gay guys are logging on as women. It only got worse to the point I had to turn my notification off.Made 3 trips to Michigan for vacation and stayed with my little tulip each time. Well he had not read my profile and he ended our conversation...We both decided we want to have a relationship with each and this will work. I moved back to Michigan November 2015 after being gone for 27 years. I am a transgender women was the first line of my profile Because POF only list man or women as options. which is fine however POF deleted my account right after.Lot of these people here on this form are ladies talking of their experiences mostly negative not many of men.I talk to my friend about this site and he said that he had his site passwords stolen and somebody used it in a very scandalous way and his name was soiled on this site.I have not looked at this Consumers Affairs site beforehand. After I joined within the first day or two I was of course contacted by more than three women. And the ones that were, were extremely skeptical or untrusting.

After reading this Consumer Affairs I now know why." I asked what pics and he said, "I just sent you some." I checked my phone and it was 3 pics of his penis!!!I immediately blocked his number and deleted my account!!Maybe if POF was to expand the options on the site.An honest gentleman, spent several hours completing the profile and compatibility tests, and always respectful of women I communicated with, all followed all rules. Only one thing (in my opinion) that might have caused the removal - discrimination or, in other words, racism because of my color.I can't receive responses from members paying or non paying I've sent messages to. Not even sure if these people I've sent messages to are even still a member. Your profile gets constantly deleted for absolutely no reason and once your profile is deleted you can never sign back up again.