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Few television sets could receive UHF broadcasts at the time, and there was insufficient program inventory.The station operated on a half-day schedule, usually signing on in the early afternoon and signing off in the late evening.

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California Highway Patrol officer Guillermo Preciado later joined the newscasts as a traffic reporter.Ratings fell due to personnel changes, and longtime Univision anchor Eduardo Quezada joined Navarro at 6 and 11 p.m.In early 2006, Navarro and Quezada were moved from the 11 p.m. The station introduced weekend evening newscasts anchored by former weeknight anchor Mirthala Salinas, former TV Azteca anchor Eduardo Blancas and weather anchor Carolina Davalos.Solis left after a disagreement with station management, and was replaced by Mauricio Cardenas.Calderon was transferred to the newly acquired independent station KWHY-TV (channel 22) to anchor its 10 p.m. Navarro was joined by former Telemundo and Telenoticias anchor Raul Peimbert, who later left the station for a government position in his native Mexico.A weekday news program from 6 to 7 a.m., Buenos Días Los Angeles, accompanied the two evening newscasts and new anchors and reporters were introduced.

After the September 11 attacks in 2001 KVEA expanded Buenos Días to two hours, starting at 5 a.m.The logo was a black "52" joined at the top within a white television screen, typical of Kaiser stations; the logo and song began its broadcast day. In 1982, the station began carrying ONTV on a scrambled signal 24 hours a day. station owned by Telemundo at the network's beginning.In 1976 Kaiser left broadcasting and sold its stations to its partner, Field Communications, except for KBSC and its Cleveland station WUAB; the latter was sold to Gaylord Broadcasting. to noon the station broadcast public-affairs and religious programs, with general-entertainment programming initially retained from noon to the start of ONTV programming in the evening. English-language religious programming was carried on Sundays from a.m. In 1980 KBSC expanded its Spanish programming from a.m. In September 1985 KBSC was sold to Miami-based Net Span, which became Telemundo in 1987. ONTV was dropped, and the station's call letters were changed to KVEA; KBSC callsign was later used for low-powered station in Brookings, Oregon.Kaiser changed channel 52's call letters to KBSC-TV, standing for "Kaiser Broadcasting Southern California" (KMTW is currently a My Network TV affiliate in Wichita, Kansas).KBSC was never a serious competitor against established independents KTLA (channel 5), KHJ-TV (channel 9, now KCAL-TV), KTTV (channel 11) and KCOP (channel 13).KVEA is owned by the NBCUniversal Owned Television Stations subsidiary of NBCUniversal as part of a duopoly with NBC owned-and-operated station KNBC (channel 4).

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