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Recently, I sat in a meeting held by Secretary Shinseki.

When they do, questions arise as to whether or not California actually has the jurisdiction (which essentially means “power”) over the parents and the child.It’s okay, my Pappy, who was a Veteran, probably wouldn’t be either.You and your doctor can mail your information to our Fast Track Claims processing center.Doctors will also have access to the system, taking the Veteran out of the role as middle man between care providers and VA.Physicians can fill out the forms and submit them online quickly and easily.Home state jurisdiction is the simplest and most straightforward way that California can make child custody orders that bind the parents and avoid one parent from forum shopping outside the state. California courts will defer to another state even if the case was started here, in those situations where the other state has home state jurisdiction.

While laws do vary from state to state, most other states have similar rules and if you believe California is the home state of the child and there is a custody case pending elsewhere, you must take immediate action both in that state and the State of California to establish jurisdiction here.

It is not unusual for a child to temporarily leave the state for a variety of reasons.

These can include vacation, visits with relatives or friends, to obtain care that may not be available in California or even temporary visitation with the other parent that does not displace the child from his or her residence in the State of California.

Fast Track, to follow the Secretary’s analogy, is in the deliciously seasoned meat in your claims backlog enchilada; we can paperlessly process claims from end to end, rendering a decision precisely and quickly.

Fast Track will be used by Veterans who suffer from the newest Agent Orange Presumptive diseases (Ischemic heart disease, B cell leukemia and Parkinson’s disease) as a result of exposure to the herbicide during in country service during the Vietnam conflict. Veterans can log on to submit their information, supporting medical evidence and any other documentation needed to establish a claim.

The Secretary opened the briefing by reminding us that Veterans didn’t invent the process of applying for benefits. Now, not only is it our job to help Veterans navigate the current system, we must augment the system by bringing technological advances and business practices together in . As old school as the sentiment is, Secretary Shinseki nailed it—we are striving to bring Vets the whole enchilada: integrated technological systems that provide easy access to the benefits Veterans are entitled to, avoiding another claims backlog, and chipping away at the backlog that already exists.