Dating just for the money

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Dating just for the money - Adult chat hehe

Here is another way to put it: has he neglected to define your relationship?

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Before you jump to any drastic conclusions, try to help him first.

This especially applies to the people who are very important to him.

If he has a close relationship with his parents for instance, but has yet to introduce you and you have been together for a while, then alarm bells should be going off for you.

Not introducing you to other people can mean a number of potential things.

It could mean that he is embarrassed to introduce you or it could mean that he is not committed enough to the relationship.

The idea of commitment can be intimidating but it is a very important conversation to have with your guy if you have not already discussed it.

Try to bring up the discussion of being in a committed relationship.

You can do this by dropping clues or by just bluntly telling him what it is that you need.

If he is not even willing to try, but expects you to do everything that he wants, then he is absolutely using you to satisfy his own selfish needs.

These are just a few reasons why a guy might use someone.

That being said, this does not mean that every guy out there is a user. If that is the case for you, then think first about the way you feel in the relationship? Do you feel like you do not do enough or do you always feel guilty for wanting something more?

If this red flag applies to you, then you will need to have an honest conversation with him about the issue and where the two of you will go from there.

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