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Most importantly, we ensure that prices remain competitive and pertinent to Changi Airport’s role as an international air hub.

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Though it can be a challenge at times to support both internal and external stakeholders, it is still rewarding to know that these efforts (regardless of the magnitude) will contribute in upholding Changi Airport’s reputation as one of the top airports.

Pay a reinstatement fee of ( for the suspension and for the revocation), for a limited Class D operator license; the cost of an original CDL instruction permit (A and B are ; C is .50), and for each endorsement. A limited Class D operator license is issued; if the CDL written tests are passed, the appropriate class CDL instruction permit is also issued.

A road/skills test is required for certain endorsements (see the next question for more information).

For a multipart test, if you fail a section but pass another, you receive credit for the passed sections and do not have to repeat them.

After three failed attempts to pass the remaining sections of the test, you must pay for a new application.

Carmen Ang, Manager Landside Concessions Changi Airport is not only a world-class transport hub.

With close to 300 outlets within the transit area, it is also a shopping and dining haven for travelers to indulge in.

Therefore, understanding our passengers is key and planning the right trade and brand mix is certainly a challenge.

As part of the T4 team, a day at work involves networking with potential tenants and marketing the leasing opportunities at T4.

Creating that sparkle in your eyes when you find we have just what you are looking for.

That is one of the reasons why we are where the world shops.

If you also applied for endorsements, you have three attempts to pass each endorsement test.

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    During 2013, this webpage on the short staff will be researched and expanded so as to exclusively focus on my practice and knowledge of the Way of the Short Staff.