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It bears the inscription "How are the mighty fallen in battle," from King David's lamentation over Saul and Jonathan.Note: This information was accurate when first published and we do our best to keep it updated, but details such as opening hours and prices can change without notice.

The researchers were aware from the previous scrolls that the members of the sect celebrated the transition between the seasons by adding a special day for each of the four changes of season.

The researchers spent a year painstakingly studying the tiny fragments from the second-to-last scroll, some which measured smaller than one square centimeter.“The reward for their hard work is fresh insight into the unique 364-day calendar used by the members of the Judean Desert sect, including the discovery for the first time of the name given by the sect to the special days marking the transitions between the four seasons,” the university said in a statement on Sunday.

Although an earlier researcher who examined the 60 pieces postulated that they came from several different scrolls, Ratson and Ben-Dov proved in an article recently published in the Journal of Biblical Literature that the fragments actually constitute a single scroll.

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Wehbe is known for her hit songs such as Baba Feen and El Wawa.Until now, however, the name of these special days remained unknown.The present scroll reveals that these days were referred to by the word tekufah, which translates from Hebrew to “period.”“This term is familiar from the later rabbinical literature and from mosaics dating to the Talmudic period, and we could have assumed that it would also be used with this meaning in the scrolls,” Ratson and Ben-Dov explained.“But, this is the first time it has been revealed.”The present scroll also provides additional information about the customs of its authors.“It emerges that the person who wrote the scroll – probably one of the leaders of the sect familiar with the secret code – forgot to mention several special days marked by the community,” they noted.In the rooms to the right of the entryway, there is a charming nativity scene, a museum with artifacts from the Byzantine church that once stood on this site, and a small souvenir shop.One of the monks will gladly give you a free pamphlet with information about the history of the site and the Carmelite order dating back to the arrival of the crusaders on this mountain in the late 12th century.Construction of the present monastery and basilica was begun in 1836.

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