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See their website for information on how to register, contributions and benefits. If you are from Croatia you’ll need a work permit to work in Spain up until 30 June 2020.

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You can prove your employment by downloading a working record certificate or (Click here and you'll see 'Employment history and contribution bases notification for workers', 'Working life report' and 'Limited employment history report').Below are some tips from the If you are on a pension from your country of origin you should be able to obtain an 'S1 form' or 'E-121 form' – or similar equivalent – to cover the 'health assistance requirement' in your application.Another important part of your application will be to prove your financial means.This is why your first step should be to ask the relevant Spanish National Police office within the area you live, where you'll eventually deliver all your paperwork.It's rare that English is spoken, so if you don't speak Spanish you might consider taking a translator.EU, EEA and Swiss citizens have the right to live and work in Spain without a visa or permit, but if you’re staying longer than three months, you will have to register with the authorities and obtain a residence certificate, which requires you to prove you can support yourself financially and have healthcare insurance.

EU/EEA/Swiss nationals moving to Spain Within three months of your arrival in Spain, you have to go in person to a Foreigners' Office () or local police station to register and be added to the Central Register of Foreign Nationals. You will need to have a valid passport or ID document and – as of July 2012 – be able to show documentation to prove that you can support yourself (and any dependants), and may also be asked to show evidence that you have private or public healthcare insurance.

Mandatory registration on the is the act of registering on it).

While it’s a form of census registration and helps the town’s provision for schools and health centres, being on it has other benefits, including access to certain income-related benefits and social care, possible reductions in community charges and inheritance tax – as well as the right to vote in local and European elections.

The requirements may vary depending on your region, however, as a general rule you will need to prove you have financial means and private medical insurance policy.

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Your relevant police office will confirm exactly what you need.