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The flies are generally intended for night fishing and are simply dressed, often leaving the hooks or stainless steel tubes undressed to create slim, simple yet very effective night fishing flies.

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Wood cock The woodcock feather is one of the softest feathers for hackling soft-hackle collars, perfect for fishing in clear still waters.

The movement is subtle and the mottled color closely resembles the naturals.Most of the salmon and sea trout fly patterns are accompanied by links to pages showing detailed illustrated fly tying step-by-step sequences.flies by Grays of Kilsyth Tying Salmon Flies - a selection of salmon fishing flies and how to tie them A few salmon flies are shown below, along with notes on how to tie them and links to fly tying step by step photographic tying sequences.These catskill style patterns are every bit as effective today, and thanks to one breeder, so are the feathers.Another style of tying in wings is to use duck quills. Another popular fly is the royal coachman, seen in the picture on the left, with it's stunning white quills tyed in as wings. The fibers make great bodies, leggs, and tails and their movement in the water gives the nymph a natural appearance.A range of salmon, trout and sea trout flies are presented, from famous salmon flies like the Garry, Willie Gunn and Cascade, one of the most successful salmon flies of all time, to less well known but equally effective, and often simpler flies, like the Needle Fly.