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Current methods use a selective approach to this issue.

On September 7 seventy-one cyclists set out from Warsaw on a 1491-kilometre long race that went through Lviv, Poznań and Kraków.Under the communist regime, Andrzej Mierzejewski also won the race three times in the 80s, but not consecutively.The communist authorities, who were not overly fond of the competition, did not encourage attendance.The race developed steadily in the following years: in 1994 World Cup winner Maurizio Fondriest took part in the Tour and afterwards more and more notable athletes enrolled.Dariusz Baranowski repeated Marian Więckowski’s feat by winning the race three times in a row during the nineties.A data transfer between the sender and the receiver is a complex process taking into account the human, communication system and threats.

Between these components there are many relationships and dependencies.

Obecnie stosowane metody stosują wybiórcze podejście do tego zagadnienia.

Dlatego też postanowiono opracować i przedstawić kompleksową ocenę niezawodność systemu.

Baranowski once said about his 1991-1993 victories that they felt like ‘a dream right from the start’. In 2005 the Tour de Pologne became a fixture of the prestigious series of Pro Tour races (today’s World Tour), receiving a place among the most important stage competitions of the world like the Tour de France or Vuelta a Espana.

A 19-year-old underdog beats seasoned athletes from all over the world. That year the race was followed by over 20 million TV viewers.

This method has been verified in representative conditions using commercial and open source tools Tematem publikacji jest określenie możliwości szacowania niezawodności systemu przesyłu danych.