Dating a old tricycle

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Superb Fully Equipped Motobike Balloon Model N10B...... Please refer to the chart at the bottom of the page*.

Superb Special Delivery This starts serial numbers being stamped on the frame under crank hanger.

It can also be found on the CABE and Liberator web sites.

To identify model years of a tandem go to the "Tandem Columbia's" page of this site to do a visual identification." on the CABE has graciously allowed this to be published here.

There is no way to include all models in this list but my hope is this will help some in identifing their bikes. Men's Cushion Frame Two Speed Chainless (This was a mid or late year addition and does not show up in the 1902 catalog.

Head Badges on Two Speeds clearly show 1902 and Model 88 on the same badge.

The following years may have serial numbers starting with these letters corresponding with the catalog model numbers.

Girls' Juvenile After this “Model No.” still appears on badge but there is nothing stamped next to it continuing until 1935. The meaning of this code is only now starting to be understood. Often there will be a separate letter with a number near or above the serial number.I live in Australia and fell in love with this trike online and HAD to have it, but could not find it for sale anywhere here.While it was hard to get it here, it was WELL worth it!The 1903 Catalog states the Two Speeds were new for 03')Model 138...