Dating a deaf guy

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Some of you might remember me mentioning Sherry in the past.

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My mom and I’s next stop on Christmas Eve was Bob’s Sports Shop — a gun shop in Glassboro. The guy that sold it to me took his time to explain a bunch of laws and regulations and tips regarding the pepper spray and I could hear every word.

They have to contend with a blaring television and must raise their voice and repeat themselves to be heard.

They also report becoming socially isolated or having to attend events alone, as their deaf spouse withdraws over fears they will be unable to hear.

I always hated ordering food since I struggled so much to hear people.

My mom called in the order ahead of time so we were just picking it up and she did all of the talking, but I could still hear everyone perfectly so that was exciting.

I bought The Newsboys’s new album, Hallelujah to the Cross at Walmart and was playing that in the car as we left Walmart.

It sounded clear and natural and I could even pick out some of the words without having to look them up which was exciting. Probably because I was so stubborn and persistent with it.Researchers at Nottingham University reviewed 78 studies about the impact of deafness on sufferers and those closest to them.Lead researcher Venessa Vas said: ‘Hearing loss affects the whole family.’ Participants in the studies reviewed by the British researchers had an average age of 66.They are forced to act as interpreter and field every telephone call.The effort of speaking loudly, repeating words and avoiding misunderstandings can be exhausting, they say. I think it’s safe to say my holidays were a bit crazy.

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    The couple had two sons together, Michael, 20, and Daniel, 19.

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    But even if your gym etiquette is perfect, others may forget to clean up a station after they’re done.