Dating a deaf guy

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The study quotes one sufferer who said: ‘When you’ve spent 40 years being able to converse easily and then one goes deaf, it’s very difficult to adjust.’Another said: ‘My husband sometimes gets annoyed because he has to keep repeating.’Hearing loss impacts on everyday life, from someone being unable to hear the doorbell or phone to needing the TV or radio blaring.

The partners of people losing their hearing endure frustration, anger and upset, research shows. I think it’s safe to say my holidays were a bit crazy.It’s no secret that my cochlear implant was definitely the greatest gifts I got this Christmas.After my appointment I did a bit of shopping in Walmart since my Miracle Ear is located right in Walmart.It was kind of cool being able to hear all of the small things like even the squeakiness of the wheels on the cart.Researchers at Nottingham University reviewed 78 studies about the impact of deafness on sufferers and those closest to them.

Lead researcher Venessa Vas said: ‘Hearing loss affects the whole family.’ Participants in the studies reviewed by the British researchers had an average age of 66.One woman said: ‘By the time you’ve tried telling him what they have said, they’ve moved on.’Another said it was harder to enjoy social occasions because of her partner’s hearing loss, adding: ‘He’s not participating in the actual conversation and there’s just all this noise going on around him – he just switches off.’While those going deaf suffer embarrassment, worry and fear of rejection, both they and their partners experience frustration, anger and upset, says the review, published in the journal Trends In Hearing.People with hearing loss say they feel left out and isolated, with even one-on-one conversations a problem.Only 11 studies related to the feelings of partners and 18 focused on both the partner and the person with deafness.The results show families struggle with having to interpret for someone losing their hearing.It seems to have paid off since I can hear most of it fairly well now.

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