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The very first application of blockchain happened in the field of finance.Hcash, along with its own distinguished features, will have a bright prospect in Fin Tech.

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Dallas has been exploring the best crypto currencies to achieve information and value communication within different decentralized ledger systems for years to solve real world problems.They aim to build an initial coin offering platform with ensured security, integrity, fairness and transparency for both start-up companies and investors.They provide Cryptocurrency and Blockchain start-up companies, which own high return products and share distribution projects, with crowdfunding services, and provide investors with comprehensive cryptocurrency consulting services, pre-ico, and post-ico management service.Dawu is now in charge of the cryptography and information security research team and serves as the director of Lab of Cryptology and Computer Security (SJTU & WNT Blockchain Lab).His research interests include cryptography, software security, hardware and embedded security, big data, cloud security with privacy, and financial security techniques. Investor in bitcoin mining and other related projects.It provides “7 × 12 hours online customer service”, “7 × 12 hours online technical support” and other intimate and reliable customer services.

Leekico shares the belief of asset decentralization and commit to promoting the wave of global start-up cryptocurrency companies.development team released first beta service in February 2016.We are exploring the leading technology in the digital currency industry and aiming to expand it by providing a reliable and user-friendly trading platform.He is passionate about block chain and Cryptocurrency technology and is looking forward to add value in this space.Andrew has been passionately involved in the blockchain industry since its inception, has supported a number of projects and enjoys educating new comers to the industry.With a Masters of Applied Science and an extensive background in strategic roles within the insurance and superannuation industries, he is excited about the real world application the technology has to offer.

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