Consolidating debt toronto

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Zoo Mortgage can show you how to use the equity in your home to pay off “bad debt” and put yourself in a position to have more cash flow.

These presentations are held at workplaces, as well as at various community locations.Debt consolidation in Canada is a tactic that can really improve the financial situation for homeowners. Zoo Mortgage provides refinancing services to homeowners in Toronto and across the GTA, including Vaughan, Woodbridge, Richmond Hill, Thornhill, and Maple. The definition of equity is the difference between the market value of your home and the amount owed on it.For example, if your home is worth 0,000 and you owe 0,000 on your mortgage, then your equity is 0,000 (300,000 – 200,000 = 100,000).Whether overspending, not saving or just not keeping track of what they buy, several couples have their own personal pet peeves when it comes to their partner’s spending.

The advantage you have as a homeowner is that you can leverage debt and make it work to your advantage.

We provide debt consolidation in Toronto and the GTA and debt consolidation in Ontario and all across Canada.

Zoo Mortgage knows the significance of refinancing your home and how using the equity can bring a measure of financial freedom by saving money and consolidating multiple high-interest rates into one low rate.

At City Can Financial, we understand that you work hard for your money, and we can show you how you can take control of your finances allowing you to focus on the more pleasant things in life, as opposed to focusing on your debt.

Debt consolidation is when you take all your debts, such as your mortgage, credit card balances, car loan, line of credit, etc, and combine them all into one mortgage loan leveraging the equity in your home.

By consolidating all this debt into a single mortgage loan with a lower interest rate, you are able to save potentially hundreds of dollars per month.

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    BDO First Call Debt Solutions is proud to support the Financial Consumer Agency of Canada in delivering financial literacy presentations across the country.

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