Conn trumpet dating

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This comes from the known time periods of certain contemporary models not being congruent and the woodwinds not using a "P"or "W" prefix. This may be the start of the line as of 1919, when the Pan American factory opened. Pan American was incorporated in July 1919 and the factory officially opened in November.

" thread The results of the brass study are posted on the Conn Loyalist site and horn-u-copia site.

Based on the others I have recorded, I am assuming this one is also silver? I actually took the serial numbers of the pictures found.

On a side note, today I met the local Conn-Selmer representative. Jaye PDX, I have some questions on the list: 1) 54040 I have as a Geo M Bundy 46M tenor. 2) On the examples with partial numbers, do you in fact have the complete numbers? I have seen you request on a 50XXX on another thread. Interestingly enough, I had received some of the same numbers from Stocker.

I started gathering serial numbers for Pan American woodwinds back in January to prove they are under a system different than brass.

By March, I was able to prove this owing to several duplicated numbers.

Since posting the updated system,the brass sample has grown 20% and the results are still valid.

I continue to gather the brass as the next step is to determine the production of the different instrument types.Kurt Something, I forgot to mention earlier when I was posting results to date: In the sax serial number listing there is currently a large space between serials 79006. Using 1000s as a basis most other gaps fill as more examples are found and every 1000 increment from 1000 to 65000 has several examples, some consecutive.However, I also note few examples between serials 6500.4) All so called Conn stencils after 1919 are from the Pan American factory, line and share the Pan American serial numbers and features. After 1930,all so called Conn Stencils come from either the Pan American or Cavalier lines and share their respective serial numbers or features.5) Pan American did have internal stencils made for the Continental Music Company or the various Conn stores.I have a thought on this, but would like some comments from interested or knowledgeable forum members.

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