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Currently the sample has grown to 873 examples with 693 saxes and 155 woodwinds.I am continuing together examples and documentation so I can use all the help I can get.

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However, I also note few examples between serials 6500.

Lafleur was simply a stamped designation for the British company importing the line.

9) Here are the major line changes and relative saxophone serial numbers as understood to date: a) P1001 line starts, Haynes patent in serial number stamp.

I started gathering serial numbers for Pan American woodwinds back in January to prove they are under a system different than brass.

By March, I was able to prove this owing to several duplicated numbers.

For those interested in the Cavalier line, I will continue posting those results on the "Cavalier Production Dates?

" thread The results of the brass study are posted on the Conn Loyalist site and horn-u-copia site.

f) 46082 lowest new 1931 model recorded (first use of globe and eagle stencil) . g) 53861 first use of "Pat App'd For" in serial number stamp. h) 54040 - 42M introduced as Geo M Bundy (also includes 46M). i) 55009 - 46M (Bandmaster Artist) highest number for both 42M and 46M j) War conversion stated in Jun 1941, July 1942 civilian production stopped, only military allowed. Highest from previous models 56969 - Need confirmation of model start 58M or 60M. If you have documentation, please share it so I can start to lock in the dating system. I wish to contribute my list to yours: Reply#7 has my list. I have a stencil Supertone Bandmaster with serial 5833, a Pan Am split-bell tenor with no front F or Eb Fork. I am assuming this one (5833) has the 1915 Hardy patent stamp and the T type as opposed to the Mercedes type key guard?

l) 167283 Highest pre-consolidation serial recorded m) There are some 5000 serial saxes recorded. if so, it's actually out of the Cavalier lineand is based on the 96M.

The names include America First, Liberty, Common-Wealth, Soloiste, International, Continental, Continental Colonial and Continental Clarion (Cavalier line).

6) Private label stencils are too numerous to list here, but include other manufacturers, distributors (jobbers) and retailers not owned or controlled by the Conn Ltd Organization.

All the ones I have seen carry the normal Conn bell stencil and serial number configuration.

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