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And if you are a person of color or anyone in the discriminatory gaze of Nazis, Neo-Nazis, and white supremacists, you know very well how shocking this is. The difference is that Trump's America has emboldened what already existed to the point where there's so little consequence to owning the Nazi moniker, that white men can walk around without hoods or disguise and with full confidence in their convictions.If you're a white person, it is up to you to carry the burden of fighting back.

The Center for Public Integrity is one non-partisan, non-profit organization working to keep the media accountable for its own integrity. The response to calling out hate speech often involves how it's supposedly "suppressing free speech." These groups threaten and intimidate those who want to prevent them from speaking in an effort to use free speech as their leverage.

Freedom of speech and expression in America is vital to the core of our rights, but it does not prevent private citizens, companies, and organizations from taking action against those ideas and the people spreading them.

There is some speech that is not protected by the First Amendment which includes obscenity, defamation, true threats, and incitement to lawless action.

Demonstrating in protest affects measurable change. If you are an educator or have a platform to educate anyone, use that platform to inform others of the history of racism and discrimination.

We seemed doomed to repeat it, but we don't have to.

If one group doesn't want the ideas of another to become more prominent, they have every right to counter-protest and take action to stop that rhetoric.

Make sure that white supremacists are unmasked and called out for their stances (which they have a right to express, barring those limitations), and let them deal with the consequences that happen because of it.

It is those people — wives, families, friends, the dissenter who remains silent — who are making up a huge portion of the extremists' way of thinking.

When the Nazi party was gaining power in the early 20th century, there were many bystanders who simply allowed it to progress without any pushback.

The war on drugs was one such movement that changed the face of criminal justice in terribly racist ways.

Support organizations that want to end those incentives and make sure that we're voting for representatives in politics who will make criminal justice reform (and anti-gerrymandering reform, while we're at it) a priority.

By focusing some of your efforts and/or money into organizations, you can do more than just armchair activism.

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