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He became a member of the Canadian Football Hall of Fame in 1988.

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1945 is now known as the greatest single year by a player on the PGA Tour, as Arnold Palmer said: "I don't think that anyone will ever exceed the things that Byron did by winning 11 tournaments in a row in one year." Tiger Woods referred to the year as "one of the greatest years in the history of the sport." The record is still yet to be beaten. First fashioned from flat boards, each generation has made their improvements as father passed his skills to his sons.But years before Haughton and Dancer, between 19 Harold "Jug" Mc Spaden and Byron Nelson made 110 golfing exhibition appearances for the Red Cross and USO.Because of their consistent one-two finishes at these charity events they were together referred to as the "Gold Dust Twins." In the early 1960's there were another pair that was called the Gold Dust Twins only this time in football: Donny Anderson and Jim Grabowski.In hockey James Angus Gerald "Old Hardrock" Mortson played for the Toronto Maple Leafs, Chicago Black Hawks, and Detroit Red Wings, winning four Stanley Cups with Toronto. In 1946–47, Mortson joined the NHL's Toronto Maple Leafs, where he played for the next six in the 1950's a pair of "youngsters" burst on the scene in The Big Apple.Both were immense talents, both fierce competitors, and both small-town boys who would span decades together as friends. “They were on the radio 40 years ago,” was the only explanation he offered.Foaled in 1896, Dan broke world speed records at least 14 times in the early 1900s, finally setting the world's record for the fastest mile by a harness horse () during a time trial in 1906, a record that stood unmatched for 32 years.

Dan Patch was foaled on 29 April 1896, in a barn in the town of Oxford, Indiana.

With the advent of the new sulky a mile became as common as eyebrows.

The ”modified” sulky broke the barrier when the incomparable Niatross’ time trialed in .1m at Lexington’s Red Mile in October of 1980.

They would continually lock horns in the major stake races, often stepping on each other’s bid for another Triple Crown Champion. Day [1929-1985] – you, you, you, you know “Bucky” Day – the legendary driver throughout the Northeast had over 2,500 wins and uncounted starts in his career.

Up until 1976 he had but ONE two minute mile win: in 1971 at Syracuse NY with the 4-year-old mare Miss Novia Scotia in flat.

It is familiar enough that it can be used in place of a real name without the need of explanation.

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