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The good news is also that from a nutrition standpoint, it meets most of the U. Department of Agriculture’s Dietary Guidelines for Americans.

Most of these young people are constantly dieting or bulking up.Remember, though, that to prevent disease and stay active for life, you do need to exercise. Why are so many anxious, withdrawn, and on medications?All of these challenges seem to be causing our kids a lot of anxiety.No surprise then that 17% of our kids rate their mental health as poor, 12% had serious thoughts of suicide and 7% report low self-esteem.Vegetarians and vegans: There aren't a lot of prepackaged meatless meal options.

If you're vegan, the plan wouldn't work for you, since all of the vegetarian entrees are made with dairy.) or the result of overly stressful environments (are the kids just modern day canaries in the mine, reminding us that children’s environments are fast becoming places where they experience sky high expectations, unstable families, and digital neglect from parents who spend too much time on Facebook). Sixteen percent report spending a whopping five hours or more on social media (up from 11% in 2013). When it comes to physical health just one in five meet guidelines for daily physical activity of a least 60 minutes of moderate to vigorous movement each day.Either way, there is danger ahead as a large number of our kids aren’t going to be able to cope with what comes next. First, let’s consider our children’s vulnerability. One in seven have been suspended or expelled from school at least once. Two-thirds spend three hours or more in front of a screen during their free time.There are no banned foods, "detox" potions, or menus loaded with exotic foods that claim to melt fat.You'll mostly eat Jenny Craig's weekly menus of 70 different prepackaged foods, at least at first.In general, you can eat as many nonstarchy vegetables (like tomatoes, broccoli, and peppers) as you want. When you're halfway to your weight loss goal, you'll start eating a few meals made at home.

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