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Napoleon and his friends eventually attended a formal practice session on campus, and the cheerleading coach was so impressed with their work that they all received full scholarships to join the team.

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In 2003, they joined the faculty of Monsters of Hip Hop dance convention.

Contrary to popular belief, the name 'Nappytabs' started as their clothing line first.

They did not call themselves Nappytabs, and the word being a nickname to refer to both of them did not start until they became choreographers on So You Think You Can Dance.

Their move from dancing into choreography occurred gradually.

Jobs included choreographing performances for NFL and NBA dance teams including the Dallas Cowboys, Denver Broncos, Chicago Bulls, and Orlando Magic.

The term itself was coined by choreographer and producer Adam Shankman in reference to a routine choreographed by Tabitha and Napoleon to Leona Lewis' song "Bleeding Love".

"Bleeding Love" was nominated for a 2009 Emmy Award for Outstanding Choreography.

Some of the sponsors were not happy about it and wanted to cover the Nappytabs logo on the clothing.

In response to this, judge and executive producer Nigel Lythgoe decided to start calling Tabitha and Napoleon "Nappytabs" during the show so that viewers who looked them up on Google would find their store's website.

They began their dance career together while still in college by choreographing industrial musicals for large corporations with the hip-hop dance company Culture Shock.

After moving to Los Angeles in 1999, they started teaching hip-hop classes at the Edge Performing Arts Center.

and America's Best Dance Crew Live which featured dance crews Jabba Wockee Z, Super Cr3w, Fanny Pak, ASIID, and Breaksk8. gave the concert a positive review stating that the five crews represented a good mix of styles and that the concert brought the best parts of the show to the stage.

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