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I’m amazed that I, a man who used to say I was going to be a millionaire, now forgo the thought of money on a daily basis, but it is in fact the case.

Once you learn to do that the country and the world will be yours to see. Earlier this year I flew to Panama with just the clothes on my back and passport to Share My Way Home and two years ago I flew to Cabo, Mexico moneyless and hitched 1,300 miles back to San Diego through the desert.Consciousness / Do Good / Dumpster Diving / Earth Friendly Living / Featured Post / Forget Money / Freedom / Health and Happiness / Inspirational / Personal / Perspective / Sharing / Simple Living / Tips / Travel I took a leap of faith in humanity and gave the last 1 I had with me to a non-profit.I made the goal that day of finishing my ride to New York City moneyless just to prove to myself and others that it is possible.That means we throw away nearly half of all the food we produce.I have found out first hand that our grocery store dumpsters are filled to the brim with perfectly good food.If you follow this guide exactly you will literally be able to travel the country without a penny in your pocket.

However, I know that most of you won’t be able take that leap of faith right away because it has taken me years of practice and a vast amount of dedication and resourcefulness to get to this point.Many parts of our country are abundant with natural bodies of water and a simple water purifier will make it clean and healthy for you to drink.If that is not available, we are also blessed with clean tap water.Learn how to repair your own bike and get used parts.Carry simple tools to fix your bike and some spare parts such as inner tubes.My necessities will be mentioned throughout this blog and the tips within can help you with procuring them.

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