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Amazon and Google also have the elements needed to benefit from this virtuous circle.

It was the first big player to move speech recognition toward deep neural networks, a form of machine learning that has rapidly advanced the field in recent years.

The more services coders build for Alexa, the more consumers will find devices like the Echo useful.

At the same time, Amazon wants to nudge coders and companies toward Amazon Web Services, its sweeping collection of cloud services.

In the years to come, AI cloud services may wind up as the biggest business for these three tech giants.

Project Evo is a way of bootstrapping all these opportunities.

Success in any one of the them will drive success in the other two. Half-a-billion people store their files on Dropbox.

But until recently, those were sitting in Amazon's cloud.

These technologies already have played into its voice-driven Cortana smartphone assistant and its forays into text-powered chatbots.

Granted, Cortana isn't nearly as widely used as Google's voice-driven assistant or Apple's Siri.

If they can put this technology not only in your living room, but in your pocket and elsewhere, they can become the hub of everything you do online. But as these companies develop services for speech recognition and natural language understanding, they're also using many of the same underlying technologies—loosely called deep learning—to build all sorts of artificial intelligence.

Google wants to retain its central role in your life. They will slip this AI into their own apps, and offer it to a world of other companies via cloud computing services so that these companies can build AI into their own apps.

Just this week, Google announced it will tie Home into third party services.

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